Work begins with us! - Europe's #1 job site for multilingual jobseekers and personnel recruitment is an employment portal which helps companies to find employees from different countries. Multilingual jobseekers may find work on in their home country or in any other country in Europe.

Our team consists of people from different countries, who have come together to create a truly unique and valuable experience of finding work in Europe as a multilingual jobseeker. We work with hundreds of companies in Europe who are seeking to employ multilingual jobseekers. Due to this we have come to understand perfectly the market needs. We continuously transform this knowledge into improving the service offering for employers and jobseekers alike on our employment portal.

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There are tens of thousands of opened job positions on We have already helped thousands of people to find a job, and hundreds of companies to find valuable new staff members. We aim to provide a truly unique job search experience for multilingual jobseekers in Europe and thus we have introduced many interface languages and we are working on implementing all of the European languages into our platform.

For whom and where do we work? operates mainly in European countries. We target all multilingual white collar and blue collar jobseekers in Europe who are looking for work in their country or any other European country. We aim to truly facilitated the liberalisation of border-free employment in Europe.

On you can find multilingual jobseekers. Many companies have already sourced white-collar and blue collar workers from their domestic and foreign countries on our job site. Such HR strategic moves enable them to constantly gain competitive advantage in their markets.

Multilingual jobseekers will easily find a job in their domestic country or abroad on Our search technology allows the jobseeker to find the most relevant vacancy based on their qualifications.

What do we want to achieve?

We're proud that our project is a fast-growing one and that it is useful to many people. We do our best to simplify and increase the efficiency of every registered employer's human resource acquisition strategy on It doesn't matter who you are – an employer looking for employees or a jobseeker looking for a job! We do our best to help you solve your problems.

To construct a convenient communication network!
To make the job search in different countries easier!
To facilitate the search of employees!
Transparency in cooperation between the jobseeker and the employer!
To provide convenient language tools!

We are ready and open to cooperation with professionals from different countries of Europe. Cooperation with can become a new milestone in the development of our companies, which undoubtedly will lead to overall success! does everything that works for you!