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Company: GoodWorker.EU

We Are Looking For a Food Packer. Work in The Netherlands (lerdam)

Location: Netherlands

Salary: From 2000 EUR

Contact Person: Vasyl Liakh

Employment Type: full time

We are looking for a food packer. Work in the Netherlands (Lerdam)


Job title: food packer.



• processing and packaging of products;

• sticking stickers;

• packaging of goods in boxes;

• preparation of boxes for transportation by loader;

• keep track of the exact quantity of goods in the boxes;

• observe and monitor daily cleanliness in the workplace;


Working conditions: a clean, sterile room, the presence in which does not allow the presence of makeup, false nails, rings on the fingers and other accessories, which ultimately can adversely affect the quality of products.


Requirements for the applicant:


We will hire people only with europassports or permanent residence in Europe

responsible attitude to work;

good performance;

good physical and mental health;

Excellent skills in addition of mathematical symbols.


Only 3 women and 2 men will be accepted.


Social guarantees:


• collective medical insurance in the amount of about 23.6 € per week is provided;


• insurance takes effect from the first day of work and is valid until the last day of work, inclusive;

• If an employee is older than 21 y.o.  and he has a child, we offer our financial assistance for a child care, but on condition that the employee has worked for us at the company for at least 6 months



According to the laws of the Netherlands, 24 days of paid vacation are granted per year for an employee who works full time. Weekends coincide with national holidays and are 6 days a year. Each year in July, the employee receives 8% of vacation pay from the average earnings for the inter-annual period.


Payment of taxes and other payments: the employer pays all taxes and fees.

Required documents for applying for a vacancy:


• passport or ID card;

• data on a bank account opened in the EU. Remuneration varies depending on the job and the age of the employee.


Minimum wage (excluding taxes) for a food packer:


• minimum charge of 5.44 € / hour (operator / packer who has turned 19);

• the minimum payment is 6.39 € / hour (operator / packer who is 20 years old);

• minimum payment 7.53 € / hour (operator / packer who is 21 years old).


The wage rate is fixed, changes only with the age of the employee (this is degraded by law. People of 18-19 y.o. don’t pay rent, 20 y.o. pays half rent per week)  and after 23+ remains unchanged. Wages are paid every week on Friday. Salary is accrued only to a bank card by means of a money transfer from an employer.


Mode and hours of operation:


• working time 7-8 hours a day;

• 3-5 business days;

• 2 days off;

Delivery to the workplace:


there is a working transport that delivers workers to and from work. A service vehicle can be used by one employee in the presence of a driver's license.

The use of official vehicles for personal use is not allowed.

 The penalty for violation of the rules for using official transport is € 250 for one such trip.


Internship: 2 paid days (depending on the applicant's abilities for training).


Accommodation and meals:

The company provides private rooms or accommodation in rooms for 4-6 people.




• garden;

• Internet access;

• heating in the rooms.


The cost of accommodation - 86-100 € per month for one person. Meals at the expense of the employee, it is possible to bring your own food to the dining room, soup and coffee are provided free of charge.


  • Email:  (Russian, Czech, English)
  • Phone number: +420 702 236 293  (Russian, Czech, English)
  • Skype: http://live:v.liakh target=blank>live:v.liakh  (Russian, Czech, English)


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Published: 2019-05-28

Expires on: 2019-07-12

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