Services for jobseekers

Free CVs (resumes)
Post your CV at for free, get job offers from employers and see your view statistics.
PRO CV (resume)
"PRO CV" has the first place in the search results and promotion of the CV.
Use it as an additional tool to draw employers' attention to your CV. Use the opportunity to highlight your CV within a total of thousands of other CVs. When looking for a specialist, the employer will focus first and foremost on your CV. Increase your chances of finding a great job. The more stars your CV has, the higher it will be displayed among "PRO CV" offers.
The total cost of "PRO CV" announcements depends on the number of stars and the days selected.
Vacancy database
Our job vacancy database contains actual vacancies of employers from all over Europe and beyond. On our site companies are looking for multilingual jobseekers in Europe. There are more than actual 189569 vacancies in our database. You can search for vacancies in our database by keywords or additional filters.
Create Vacancy search agents
Search agents find new vacancies for your query and send them to your email. You will get only the vacancies that meet all your queries in the best way.