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CV from: 05.08.2018

Irek Haibullin

Head of operations & maintenance

Employment Type: full time

Looking for work in: Russia

Salary: From 2000EUR

Education: higher

Speaks languages: English


I believe that the main goal of any service company is to create such an atmosphere in itself, because of which

a) the guests will return again and again


b) employees will not leave.

Managers of the company should be effective in these two areas, everything else - popularity, revenue and career will come automatically. I specialize in creating such conditions. My role is to give my employees knowledge, tools and conditions to work in compliance with the standards of cleanliness, hospitality, the accuracy of the order, the healthy condition of the restaurant, the quality of the product and the speed of service.

You can download my CV by clicking the button above. Thank you for your attention, Irek +7 925 913 85 77


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Published: 2018-08-05

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