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CV from: 29.01.2019

Serdiukov Dmytro

Chemical Technologist

Employment Type: full time

Looking for work in: Czechia, Iceland, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia

Salary: From 1000EUR

Education: higher




National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute

Master of Inorganic Technology. (Refractory non-metallic compounds, ceramics and glass)



Work experience


«Sk «Inteck» (powder coating) 09.2017 – 02.2018 Kiev, Ukraine.

Kharkov Tile Factory 06. 2018 – 10.2018 Kharkiv, Ukraine.


Personal qualities


In the process of study and practice I studied the basics:
- physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, chemistry of refractory non-metallic compounds (gypsum binders, ceramics, glass, cement, enamel);
- Basic processes and apparatuses of chemical technology;
- basics of the design of technological schemes; - control systems of chemical and technological processes;
- acquired skills in the chemical production laboratory, mastered the basic physicochemical production processes, performed product analysis for compliance with the quality standard, participated in the improvement of the product quality;
- took part in the development, installation and improvement of the robot for processing aluminum profiles before painting;
- conducted and optimized chem. profile processing;
- supervised the observance of the technological process in the production of porcelain tiles;
- ensured technological readiness for the release of a new product and controlled the quality of products


Special skills


Native Russian, Ukrainian

Intermediate English

Driving License (Category B)

Computer literacy (MS Office, Mathcad, AutoCAD, ChemOffice)

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Published: 2019-01-29

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