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CV from: 22.06.2018

Stativa Stativa


Employment Type: full time

Looking for work in: All world

Job Sector: Transportation, auto business

Education: unfinished middle

CV driver Stativa Vyacheslav A. date of birth: 16.08.1974 place of residence: Dnipropetrovsk phone: + 30502229106 e-mail: objective: to obtain a post driver.  Experience: 1994-2017-present in companies Dajnova-Dnepr, LUKOIL-Ukraine, Ukrnafta, Dneprnefteprodukt sphere of activity: transport services. Position: driver on the transport of dangerous goods in vehicles more than 40 tone responsibilities: long-distance freight transport; ADR vehicle maintenance.     Education: 1989-1992. VOCATIONAL SCHOOL No. 20, Dnepropetrovsk skills: driving experience over 24 years, the last 19 years only ADR cargoes, personal qualities: attentive, watchful, cautious, observant, prudence, balance good learning to new supplementary information: a driving licence of category C, d, e-ADR, the willingness to work under irregular working day; willingness to travel.


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Published: 2018-06-22

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