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makss.w2011 makss.w2011

Повар, помощник повара, кухонный работник, рыбная переработка

Employment Type: full time

Looking for work in: Norway

Job Sector: Manual work, manufacturing

Salary: From 2000€

Education: higher

Speaks languages: English




Filipov Maksim age 42 years          single

Russian city of Novosibirsk

Contact information: +79139500155; +79994697049;

1997-2002year,Education: Novosibirsk State Technical University Specialty: Manager

Thesis: Innovation Management


1991-1994years,Vocational Lyceum №66 of the city of Novosibirsk: the profession of cook 4 categories



30.08.2017-02.06.2018 year, Construction company Communication Story Installation - construction of the railway to the deposit of JSC Gazprom

position: supply manager

job duties: processing of applications from the construction manager, placing bids for suppliers for building materials and equipment, comparing prices, terms of delivery from suppliers. Selection of a supplier with more favorable conditions for the organization.

18.02.2016-03.07.2017 yearsCompany KFC a network of fast food restaurantsthe city of Novosibirsk

position: cook

job duties: preparation of semi-finished products, assembly and delivery of sandwiches, cleaning of the workplace

05.05.2014-20.01.2016 years ALFA-BANK (a financial and credit organization)the city of Novosibirsk

position: leading specialist of the economic department

job duties: purchase of goods for the needs of the bank, current repairs, opening of the office, data transfer to the accounting department for used water, electricity, gas


02.02.2005-29.04.2014 years Construction company Siteh (Construction of residential and administrative buildings)the city of Novosibirsk

position: purchasing manager

job duties: processing an application from the construction manager, by product category (metal, brick), placing bids with suppliers


19.02.2003-28.01.2005 years Factory of Ferro-concrete products №2 the city of Novosibirsk

position: purchasing manager

official duties: purchase, supply with necessary material, plant, forwarding

01.09.1997-12.02.2003 yearsbranch Siberian Bank city Novosibirsk

position: cook in the dining room of the bank

job duties: preparation of lunch for bank employees, cleaning at the workplace

06.09.1994-22.08.1997 yearsin the enterprise ZapsibEnergoMash a dining room

position: cook

job duties: preparing meals for the employees of the organization


skills: I am able to start business and bring them to a successful conclusion, working capacity and high learning ability


individual qualities: loyalty, responsibility, not conflict, analytical mind, goal-oriented


I have the right B


English at the basic level.




Photograph: Photo for CV: Повар, помощник повара, кухонный работник, рыбная переработка from applicant: makss.w2011 makss.w2011

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Published: 2018-07-25

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