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Company: JOB EU LTD, Acorn

Jobs Ireland, England, Scotland,Holland

Location: England

Contact Person: JOB EU LTD, Acorn

Jobs Ireland, England, Scotland,Holland.

Job vacancies abroad in various fields, depending on the level of English proficiency and work experience. Job seekers without a knowledge of English is offered a job: Factories and plants (production of packaging, packaging etc, butchers meat plant job);

Agricultural farms (harvest, plant, etc);

Manufacture of wooden pallets. Job seekers with knowledge of English are offered work:

The service sector (kitchen helpers, cleaners, doorman, maids, gardeners, waiters, waitresses, receptionists, cooks, etc.);

High-speed trains of the cabin crew;

Job security;

Driving career;

Work in care homes for the elderly;

Work in forestry, etc.

Work for welders, carpenters, plasterers, etc. If you are of interest to these and other jobs, well be happy to provide further details.


Tel: +37167501818.

Viber: +37122032227





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Published: 2018-05-03

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