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Free vacancy publication

On our site you can post free vacancies. Our algorithm makes the search for employees much simpler, it also increases the number of feedback from applicants. The easiest way to find employees is to post a vacancy now.


Our site is being used by people from different countries as far as there a possibility to post your ads at any language which is convenient for you. Owing to that advantage you`ll be able to find the very employee you need.

Increase efficiency by 20%

To increase the efficiency in order to find more candidates, you can highlight your vacancies using additional services. For example, the highlighted vacancies attract the applicants` attention by 20% and publication in social networks by another 37%. We have combined the low cost and quality of our services so that you can solve your staffing issues without thinking about the budget.

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You post ads, we promote them

  • Colour highlightment

    Draw one`s attention by highlighting the vacancy in color

  • Graphic highlighting

    Graphic highlighting with a medal will help to select your post out of many others.

  • Advancement

    If there`s an urgent need in employees, the advancement in Google and social networks will make this process faster.

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