Vacancy disapproval – the main reasons

1. Vacancy categorized under banned list at

The following types of job vacancies will be banned if posted on those that violate the current legislation; those that are not consistent with the policy of our site and have undesirable content. Further, we do not accept vacancies for the sale of goods or services, for example: "Steam iron for sale," " Giving away to good use," etc. This rule is valid for the whole site:

2. Duplicate vacancies

Duplicate vacancies impact the effectiveness of the job post itself and reduce the quality of the site content. Therefore duplicate vacancies will be rejected by the site administration or deleted due to our users` complaints.

3. The main rule for site one vacancy = one job position

Job vacancies that include several job positions, both from employers or from applicants are ineffective, therefore one vacancy must describe only one job position (full job description is recommended). If several positions are posted in one advertisement, you will automatically be notified by receiving a link for re-editing the vacancy. All job vacancies posted on can be edited and updated at any time by the user.

4. Incorrect or false information regarding salary

The salary, if stated, in the job vacancy must correspond to reality and be as accurate as possible, as well as the currency unit the salary is paid in. A vacancy that displays an accurate salary increases the author`s credibility and makes the job post more effective. Job vacancies will be blocked in case of repeated complaints from applicants about inconsistent information regarding salary.

5. On the complaint

Each job vacancy has a ‘complaints’ button in case it violates the "Site Rules". For appropriate quality of service and maintaining a high quality job vacancy, all complaints are checked, after which they are either deleted or sent back to the user for revision. All complaints are anonymous.

6. Links to other job search sites

According to the "Site Rules", links to third-party job search sites are not allowed. Such vacancies will be sent for re-editing and if necessary, deleted.

What should I do if my job vacancy did not pass administration and was not approved?

If the site administrators removed your vacancy, this means that your job post has content, which has violated one of the ‘rules of job vacancy posting’ on the site If you know why the approval failed, then you are required to fix the vacancy and post it again if you wish to see your job post on In case you assume that the job advertisement has been deleted incorrectly – please contact the site administration. You may contact us using the feedback form, in which you must specify the code of the removed advertisement and describe why you think the job vacancy is eligible for approval. We will review your request and get back to you within a few hours.

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