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Yaroslav Drohoziuk

(26 лет)

Apprentice of The Master of Handmade or Related Products

Employment Type: full time

Looking for work in: All world

Job Sector: Manual work, manufacturing

Education: higher

Speaks languages: English, German, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian


Curriculum Vitae


Drohoziuk Yaroslav Vitaliyovich


Date of birth:     18 August 1992

Place of birth:    Ukraine, Vinnitsa

Nationality:                 Ukraine

Marital status:   Single Male

Address:   Ukraine, Vinnitsa, Yunosti str. 17/11

Mobile phone:    +380 97 066 66 27

+380 63 290 58 38


Skype:      exmahinator



Junior Specialist Technician in Computer Science (2011), Vinnitsa Technical College. Ukraine, Vinnitsa.

Bachelor of Computer Systems and Networks (2013), Vinnitsa National Technical University. Ukraine, Vinnitsa.

Master of Computer Systems and Networks (until December of 2014), Vinnitsa National Technical University. Ukraine, Vinnitsa.


Professional experience:

15.01.2012 – 28.03.2013: An actor in performances.

04.05.2013 – 21.12.2013: Game designer in browser computer game.

25.11.2013 – 28.11.2014: Teacher in kindergarten.

21.12.2014 – 21.12.2015: English teacher at Polish Club Private School in Ukraine.

04.01.2016 – 04.01.2017: English teacher at Richard English School, Yuyao, China.

09.01.2017 – 09.02.18: English teacher at Linguistic Center Literra in Ukraine


Related Skills:

Languages: Ukrainian – native, Russian – native, English – advanced, German – intermediate, Japanese – basic, Chinese – basic.


Personal qualities: ability to learn quickly, conscientious fulfillment of the tasks, love to handmade products, patience, self-control, fast mastering of the new information, politeness, justice, honesty, attention to detail, analytical ability, good intuition, flexibility of thinking, confidence in self, acting skills, charismatic, leadership, generation of ideas, searching of wisdom.


Interests and hobbies: blacksmithing, handmade, martial arts, fencing, philosophy, drawing, music, esoteric, fantasy, board games (like MTG), learning languages, travels, acting, archeology, reading interesting, rare and specific books about knowledge.

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Published: 2018-09-07

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